Non-Destructive Testing

of complex structures and materials

October 10th. 2024

NDT of complex structures and materials

The need for efficient and reliable non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques has never been greater in an era of ever-evolving challenges, from the imperative of energy transition, to the intricacies of additive and advanced manufacturing technologies, to the long-term operation of aging structures and components. Advanced NDT techniques ensure the continued safe and efficient operation of structures and components. Our discussions will cover a wide range of applications, from small, intricate parts to large, critical components.

Modern manufacturing techniques make it possible to create complex shaped components. While this breakthrough presents a challenge, it is important


to consider the source, location, and impact of defects, which differ from conventional manufacturing practices. In addition, the materials used exacerbate the difficulties posed by complex geometries because of the impact of manufacturing processes on microstructures or material properties.

This has implications for NDT using established inspection techniques. Our seminar will present new opportunities for a wide variety of NDT techniques and analysis approaches to meet these challenges. In addition, the possibilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence for NDT applications and further for NDE 4.0 will be presented.

  • Techniques: The seminar covers all NDT techniques for metallic materials, both post process NDT and in-process monitoring. Emphasis is placed on the practical application of advanced NDT and analysis techniques relevant to various industrial applications. Advanced Analysis techniques using machine learning will offers new opportunities but also still bears challenges.
  • Performance: The increase of automatization in all manufacturing steps, requires NDT techniques which will meet the challenges raised with proved reliability. Additionally, the performance of a given NDT techniques has to be demonstrated and quantified before including NDT in the manufacturing process. Investigation of the reliability of NDT and all aspects linked to this, like human factors and standardization of reliability are important for the implementation of automated NDT in industrial processes.
  • Applications: NDT is used in a variety of industries to inspect safety-critical components and structural integrity of parts. The seminar will bring together experts from different types of power generation, safety assessment of energy infrastructure, aerospace components, special automotive issues and many more.

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Dr. Anne Jüngert
Dr. Anne Jüngert
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