MPA Seminar 2024
8th-10th October

The MPA seminar 2024 is entitled “Materials, Processes, Applications” and will be structured in separate, day long workshops.


October 8th
-Hydrogen for energy revolution – materials, applications, qualification
-Advanced manufacturing for advanced applications

October 9th
-German energy revolution – Challenges in plant operation and structural mechanics
-Big Data and A.I. Methods

October 10th
-Structural materials modelling and component integrity for safety relevant applications
-NDT of complex structures and materials

Materials, Processes, Applications

The intricate interaction between materials, processes, and applications is the backbone of innovation and performance optimization. Materials must be carefully selected and designed to meet the specific demands of various applications, considering factors like strength, durability, and thermal resistance. In contrast to their continuum mechanical models, real materials have a real microstructure with imperfections, anisotropy, segregations, discontinuities, pores and residual stresses. These result from the respective manufacturing process of the material or component and have a significant influence on the material behavior and structural integrity in safety-critical applications. This dynamic relationship among materials, processes, and applications is a key focal point in advancing several sub-fields in mechanical engineering, with each element influencing the overall success of mechanical engineering endeavors.

Structure of our seminar

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming MPA seminar 2024 that promises to build upon the great success we achieved in 2023. Our continuous commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration in the world of science is unwavering, and we are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience that reflects your needs and desires.

This year, we are proud to introduce a new concept that aligns with the busy schedules and the specific interests of a wide variety of visitors. With individually bookable workshop days, you can customize your experience to meet your needs precisely. We offer two parallel workshops each day, with the possibility of seamlessly switching between them, ensuring that you make the most out of your time at the MPA seminar.

October 8th:

  • Hydrogen for energy revolution – materials, applications, qualification
  • Advanced manufacturing for advanced applications

October 9th:

  • German energy revolution – Challenges in plant operation and structural mechanics
  • Big Data & A.I.-Methods

October 10th:

  • Structural materials modelling and component integrity for safety relevant applications
  • NDT of complex structures and materials

Taking place at one location, we aim to enable interdisciplinary encounters for professional exchange. We believe in the deliberate exchange between materials experts and application specialists, experimentally and numerically working scientists and engineers, and between the scientific community and industrial players. These connections are essential to drive innovation and solve the complex challenges we face today.

To maintain a personal atmosphere in our laboratories, we have limited the event to just 150 attendees. This exclusivity ensures a close-knit community where networking and collaboration are highly encouraged.

We cordially invite you to join us at the upcoming MPA seminar 2024, where we will create an environment that promotes the exchange of ideas, the forging of partnerships, and the pursuit of scientific excellence. Together, we will continue to shape the future of our fields.

Mark your calendars, and get ready for a conference like no other! We look forward to your active participation and invaluable contributions.

Our Sessions


Early Bird: Register before May, 1st and profit from a 100 € discount per day.

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  • Early Bird: 300€

Two Days

  • Early Bird: 500€

Three Days

  • Early Bird: 600€
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Program Committee


Reflecting the specificity of our workshops, there is a separate program committee for each workshop. Together with the MPA, this committee determines the speakers, in particular the keynote speakers ensuring a balanced representation of various topics and perspectives. Furthermore, the program committee may make suggestions for speakers and strategical organization of the sessions.

Carl von Bach

With the Carl von Bach Commemorative Medal, the MPA honours personalities who have rendered outstanding services to the strengthening of research, development and teaching in the field of materials testing and strength calculation in the spirit of Carl von Bach. He took the holistic view that there must be no contradiction between theory and practice. Thus, the tests he designed always had a relation to the structural component and were able to substantiate the theoretically determined results in a manner relevant to the application. The MPA University of Stuttgart still works according to this principle of linking theory and practice today. In 2023 Wolfgang Däuwel from Framatom received the Commemorative Medal for his outstanding work in the field of nuclear energy.

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We invite you to submit abstracts for presentations that showcase your latest research, innovative methodologies, and breakthroughs in the fields of research mentioned above. We welcome submissions from both seasoned professionals and emerging talents who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this industry. Be it basic or applied research, future concepts or long-term studies in ongoing operation, numerical or experimental methods, your knowledge and expertise deserve to be shared with and valued by our scientific and industrial communities. Submit your abstract early and profit from attractive early bird benefits.

Deadline for abstract submission: March 1st 2024

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